A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Music – Talent Shows, Dancing and Singing in Public

I have never been that shy when it comes to singing or acting / performing in public. Let me re-phrase that a little bit. I have never been that shy when it comes to making an idiot of myself in public. Ever since I can remember, I have loved to perform. I was in all the school productions and whenever I went on holiday I was always that person that entered the talent shows and here is a blog post about some of the ones I remember the most and also the ones that are, if I am honest, the most embarrassing.

Twist and Shout – The Beatles

This is one of my earliest memories for performing on stage. When I was 7 there was a big music event at a hotel and gardens near to where we lived and we all went to it together. They asked all the kids near the end of the concert to go up on stage and who was brave enough to sing. I said yes, and I ended up singing this song as I had just seen it in a musical. It was in front of about 700 people so it was a tad nerve wracking but i don’t seem to remember caring.

Last Thing On My Mind – Steps 

When I was kid we used go to holiday caravan parks and the children’s club will always have a talent show at one point in the week. Being the music lover that I am, i have a very very vague memory of dancing to this song. I can’t remember the audiences reaction it was about the age of 9 or something.  And yes i did the dance routine.

The Music Man 

I wasn’t a fan of primary school very much, i didn’t really like the children in my year group, it was only one class per year and I found a lot of the children in my year were really horrible. I was always an outsider too because I joined in Year 2 and not from the beginning like everyone else pretty much. So, what do you do when you are asked if you want to enter the Year 6 talent contest in front of the whole school?

Well, most people read a poem, did dance routines (from what I can remember..) me,,, well… i did something completely different. I took my keyboard to school put it on the stage and acted like a kids entertainer for the years below me. I sung made up songs to background beats which I had made up (at that age you can imagine how bad they were) and finished it off with a song with no music. That song was the music man.

All of my year group and probably year 5 i KNEW were looking at me in disgust as ‘i was too uncool’ but i didn’t care, the younger years were all joining in and that just drove me on to keep going.

I want it That Way – Backstreet Boys

This song was another song I sung at a summer holiday caravan talent show. I don’t remember much about it apart from practising and singing it live and winning a trophy at the end of our time there for ‘chimp of the week’.

Whole Again – Atomic Kitten

What do you do when you start high school, and you are not the coolest of kid and there is a talent show. You would ignore it. No, not me, I got me, and two of my friends to enter and sing a song with insane notes and something we hadn’t even practised loads. Oh and on top of that you sing it with no backing track. On the plus side, we came third, on the downside the bullies had a field day singing the chorus to me for the next 4 months or so whenever they saw me.

To be fair, there has been a LOT of crazy moments when I have done things like this even in acting but I can’t help it. I love performing when I can and also if I can make people laugh it is an adrenaline rush that i will up my game.

Next Week – Soundtrack of Life 

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