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Ed Fargher – Improv London Podcast

Baron Edmund of Fargher was greeted at the door of his ancestral home by his butler Alfred. “And how was Gotham City, sir?” enquired Alfred, in an English accent. “Oh, simply tedious, my good man,” replied Baron Fargher, “with the exception of one thing…” Alfred sighed as he […]

Retro Podcast – The Ricky Gervais Show

Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant met Karl when they made their epic return to XFM and were given Pilkington as their producer. Originally, Karl used to just solely produce their show only participating now and again when Ricky would ask him a view on something. From finding out […]

Retro Podcast – Josh Widdecombe

A year ago, the show called Josh Widdecombe that was a regular on XFM retired when the change happened to the radio station and it changed to Radio X. The show was full of some fantastic comedy moments and had various comedians as guests each and every week […]

INTERVIEW: Improv London Podcast

Welcome to our first podcast interview for podcast month, with none other then Stuart  from Improv London. He is jumping on board the Phoenix ship from now on to bring you all improv related news on Thursdays so what a great way to start off the month with […]