Improv London Podcast Month – INTERVIEW – Quick Fire Round

Welcome to our first feature of the new year – we thought we would open the year with doing a feature month dedicated to a podcast that had a really successful 2018. Not only did the podcast reach over 100 on guests but it is also is now available on Spotify and Youtube. This month I have had the pleasure of sitting down with Improv London host and creator Stuart Moses to really go behind the microphone and find out more!

We have loved having Stuart as a special guest this month so we thought we would end his month as featured guest in our traditional form of a quick fire round!

Quick Fire Round

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

A black squirrel. As Morrissey famously sang in Unloveable, “I wear black on the outside ‘cause black is how I feel on the inside.”

Who is your favourite superhero and why?

Captain America. He always tries to do the right thing, while understanding that the world is a more complicated place than it used to be.

If a movie was made of your life what genre would it be, who would play you?

Supernatural mystery romp, starring Nathan Fillion.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I’d like to go to Jersey with my friend Peter so we could record the Bergerac podcast I’ve wanted to do for years where it was filmed. The current working title is: Jim Bergerac: Occult Detective.

What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?

I’d like to make the world a less terrible place, but there’s not much you can do in quarter of an hour is there?

What is one item you could NEVER live without?

Headphones. I would never inflict my taste in music and podcasts on anyone else.

Last time you laughed very hard out loud?

This lunchtime. I was listening to an old podcast Andrew Collins and Richard Herring did for 6 Music. I love the way Richard Herring pushes at the barrier of what’s acceptable for the BBC, while alluding to some of the outrageous things he said on the independant Collings and Herrin podcast.

What is your favourite movie quote?

“Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.” Dracula, 1931

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