Improv Treehouse Month – INTERVIEW – Improv Heroes,The Best Formats and Future Plans…

Welcome to our glorious feature for the month of April!   This month we have the privilege and honour to be going behind the scenes of the Improv Treehouse Podcast. The show is ran by Emily Brady and is a fortnightly podcast that interviews some of the best improv troupes around the UK. This month I sit down with Emily to talk all thing podcasts and improv.

This week we talk about the best suggestions, improv troupes and favourite episodes.

Why did you chose the name Improv Treehouse?

I wanted to get a sense of a secret, fun, after-school club, childish kind of thing. Like, improv is inherently childish by pretending to be something you’re not with your mates. I love the idea of a secret clubhouse where people can go and nerd out about something they’re passionate about! When I can have a recording booth in a tree will be when I have made it.


What are the Improv Treehouse podcast plans for the rest of the year?

We’re launching Season Three soon, with guests such as Dummy, Spontaneous Potter, and a team all the way from Shetland! I’m also really excited to be setting up a Patreon later this year, which will have exclusive content for people who want to support the podcast behind the scenes!

“Colin Mochrie was my improv idol growing up and so if I ever interviewed him I’d probably be inconsolable…” – Emily Brady, Improv Treehouse 


You are also part of some great improv troupes! Tell us about them!

Yes! I am super lucky to be one of the organisers at MissImp, which put on all sorts of shows and workshops in Nottingham. I’m in Rhymes Against Humanity, which is a brilliant musical long-form team, and also Epic! The Improvised Movie! Although that team has only just started I’m super excited to see where we’ll go – we’ve only done a couple of runs but they’ve been fantastic and I can’t wait to do more!


What are your top three personal favourite episodes of Improv Treehouse and why?

I really can’t pick – it’d be like trying to choose between my children! I do love the Jumprov episode, I think the discussion about diversity is really important but still really entertaining. I also love the Austentatious and Glenda J Collective episodes because of the sheer girl power in the room, and getting to meet a bunch of my heroes. But I genuinely can’t pick – they’re all great and you should listen to them all!


Who would be your dream guests and why?

Colin Mochrie was my improv idol growing up and so if I ever interviewed him I’d probably be inconsolable. I also always wanted to interview Josie Lawrence and Cariad Lloyd and never thought I would, but I did last year! I think TJ and Dave would also be amazing, but again, my hosting skills would be at an all-time low.

What is your favourite style of improv and why?

I think I’ve come to realise that there isn’t really a style I don’t like. I love TJ and Dave / Dummy slow-burn two-prov, but I also love really over the top musicals, but I also increasingly find myself liking really fast-paced short-form too! I think as long as there is emotion and heart to it then I will find stuff to love in any style.

You interview so many improvisers do you ever run out of questions to ask them?

I normally have a list of dozens and dozens of questions to avoid running dry, but if I’m getting low I tend to just fall more quiet and let the group talk amongst themselves. A lot of the time I’ll either get inspired by the conversation, or they’ll be so naturally entertaining that it’s fine!

What is the best suggestions you have ever got at a show and why?

I once performed in a musical called “Cannibals In Love.”


What style of improv would you want to more of and why?

Oh definitely slow-burn two-prov stuff. I love being a part of big ensemble teams but I’d really like to knuckle down and try my hand at really commited two-prov long-form. But I probably have enough projects at the moment! Or do I…?


Whats the most inventive improv show you have seen recently and why?

Definitely BEINGS, which is Susan Harrison and Andrew Gentilli’s two-prov. It’s a complete masterclass in character work and commitment. I’d only seen very naturalistic two-prov stuff before and I loved their different approach!

More Next week…

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