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Improv Corner – Is This It?

I was on the tube the other day and I came across these posters and it made me, funnily enough think of an improv post to write. As you can see from the signs, if you look at them closely enough, each of these posters have a relevance […]

Improv Corner – Finding Love…..

I got asked a really interesting question the other day and was one of the first proper conversations I had with a new improviser – do people find love in improv? This I found was a very difficult question to answer because I wasn’t really sure how to […]

Improv Corner – Echoes Of You

“…Echoes of you echoes of you Repeating from the beating of your tell-tale heart…” When you are part of an improv troupe you tend to do quite a few shows that sometimes it means that it can be easy to fall into the routine of using the same […]