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SF SketchFest 2018 starts this week!

This week sees the return of the really popular comedy festival that opens its doors to some of the best talent in the country for them to try new material, be in discussions or even train workshops. Yes, the SF Sketchfest has returned to San Francisco with a […]

Exciting start!

We’ve started the year big! That also means a lot of work! Zack Willis helped us start the year with a bang. He taught a great workshop that helped us shake off the dust gathered during the long break! We’ve also started back with our shows and had […]

Thank You! III

Our third and last thank you for 2017 comes right at the start of 2018! We want to thank every single person who developed shows, helped produced, perform on and sat on the audience of our Late Night Special. Late Night Special is a space open to everyone […]

Thank You II!

Yes, we do know it’s the 25th of December and no one will read this! Or maybe you’re in a sugar coma with nothing else to do and this will be our most read post of the year! The festive season brings the gratitude out of us! It’s […]

Thank You!

We’d like to take a break from keeping you up to date with all the great classes we’ve been lucky to be able to bring you, to thank everyone involved in all the shows we ran during the year. There were many, many shows – our weekly Sunday […]