Improv Diaries – City Impro, Twoprov Short Form and Last Minute Game Creations…. [ Case Study: Sue Harrison ]

Thsi week I can finally announce that I am heading to Brighton with City Impro to perform in the show Laugh Island, which is an improvised comedy version of Love Island. It was such an honour to be asked to perform with such a talented group and I can’t wait until the shows at the end of May.

The show itself is incredibly clever however it is also incredibly complex, so for the next month, my weekends are also going to be full of improv to get ready. The great thing about the rehearsals is not just the fact I get to work with highly talneted set of improvisers but also I feel like I am constantly learning something new all the time.

This week was a more admin based one at Punders HQ. A lot of the Punders are travelling at the moment with either work or on holiday so rehearsal was spend planning the June show.

Over the weekend, Punders had a show and only myself and Yiannis could make it, so we decided to do a twoprov short form set. For our time on stage we decided to be daring and try a new game that:
a) we had never tried and
b) we literally made up 5 minutes before the show

Two of the games we played were spins on games that we play a lot in shows but the last minute game was a combination of two games that we had never done before as this sort of scene and involved Twitter. Due to the fact there was only two of us we decided to enter the stage with big, high energy characters – enough to fill the void of being six players down. It really worked and we got such a huge response and it was such a great adrenalin rush.

Case Study – Sue Harrison

Even though the character course finished last week I didn’t really get a chance to write about the leading lady and the skills I learnt in regards to characters. I personally find that one of the biggest lessons I learnt from Sue was actually in the last week when she told me to come on stage impersonating a celebrity to create a character. Whilst I didn’t really do it this week I still used the skills to create strong and bold characters on the spot.

There were some things that I learnt from Sue that  I will now be using when I do scenes on stage and from this weeks twoprov short form games, I think it is evident that some of the stuff that she taught me about characters is definitely sinking in and I look forward to seeing how this works out in weeks to come.

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