The Travel Book – Cardo, Perth, Scotland

When you go somewhere you always want to know of a location you can visit that you know will have good food. Well. today I am going to tell you about a place in Perth, Scotland that will be a place you can visit that has lots of lovely food options on offer.

Cardo is a Mediterranean restaurant that is located on South Street in the town centre, it is about a 10 – 15 minute walk from the train station and very close to the amenities. It is open regularly for both lunch time and dinner service. It is somewhere that can get pretty busy so you may want to think about booking ahead if it is like a weekend or evening.

The restaurant thrives on using local ingredients and freshly sourced products, they also use a local butchers in Glenrothes and a seafood supplier located in Perth. The menu is influenced by the owners Portuguese and French backgrounds.

There are many foods available with daily specials everyday, there is also a good selection of vegetarian and dietary (such as Gluten Free) options as well. Some of the food on offer includes pizza, steaks, pasta, items from the grill and much more.

I visited Cardo in March 2022 and really enjoyed every single item that I had as it was so tasty. The staff were really friendly and it was a restaurant I have plans to visit a lot more in the future as it is so good.

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