Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW -Black It Out

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to the band Black It Out to find out all about their favourite things. They have recently released the song “There’s Not Enough Penicillin in the World to Save You” feat. All Systems Go so it is the perfect time to speak to them.

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written:

I think “Reflections” featuring Promise Game is my favorite, but I also love “Live, Laugh, Love” featuring Anndy Negative. Our new track is called: “There’s Not Enough Penicillin in the World to Save You” featuring All Systems Go.


You’re going viral, stuck on the internet 

How would your kids feel? You’re an embarrassment


There’s too many. Right now, I’m digging Chris Motionless, Oliver Sykes, Ronnie Radke, Davey Havok, Danzig, and Spencer Charnas.

Film or television show:

Donnie Darko was an awesome movie. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is fun to watch too.

Venue to perform at:

The Boardwalk in Orangevale.

Item to take with you on tour:

If we were to tour, probably my Teeccino, because I can’t have caffeine. 


I’m the vocalist, so vocals. I think EC-1000s and Fender Aerodyne basses are awesome.

Song to play live:

“High Heels and Dangerous Streets.”

Album by another musician:

Sing the Sorrow by AFI.

Memory of tour:

We don’t tour, we’re an E-Band. A show memory is from a band Bryan and I (Shaun) played when we were in a different band. There wasn’t many people at the show, but after we played a Black It Out song “High Heels and Dangerous Streets,” we looked up and the bar was suddenly packed and the crowd was going wild for the track!

Era for music:

Probably 2000-2010. The Emo, Mallcore, and Scenecore scene was awesome!

Part of making a record:

After getting the mix back and hearing all our hard work pay off. It’s a phenomenal feeling!

Thing about performing at festivals:

Sounds like a cool thing to do. Since we’re an E-Band right now, we don’t get to play festivals. Our stuff does get live-streamed. Does that count? If it does, then seeing what all the other bands have to say about our music video is really cool! And seeing all the things other bands do with their music videos.


“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Thing about the music industry at the moment:

Everyone has a chance to become E-Famous on Spotify, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Thing about this year so far?

Probably releasing “Reflections” featuring Promise Game, “Live, Laugh, Love,” featuring Anndy Negative, and the prospect of releasing “There’s Not Enough Penicillin in the World to Save You” featuring All Systems Go.

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