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The Travel Book – WALKS AROUND THE UK – Eastbourne to Pevensey Bay, East Sussex

Coastal Walks are some of my favourite things to do, one of the last times that I spoke about a walk it was in the North of the United Kingdom, so today I thought I would discuss a walk on the South Coast in the South East of Sussex.

Eastbourne to Pevensey Bay

Why this walk?

The UK has some of the best coastlines and this walk allows you to explore one that is really beautiful. It may not be that hilly, but there are some wonderful views along the walk and also some of the walk is on beaches that are away from the tourists which means you get to experience it in a different light.

What is there to see?

It is a walk that allows you to see lots of different sites of the area, there is a section where you have to walk inland, which means that you get to see some lovely fields and sights on the way. You get to walk past the harbour as well which is really pretty and worth a visit and a cup of tea. Another part of the walk which was my favourite was the beach leading into Pevensey as it is a very non-tourist area where even plants grow on the beach.

The walk

We are going to start the walk from the pier in Eastbourne as it is a location that is really easy to find. When you are facing the pier (and the sea) turn left and follow the path all the way to the harbour. It is a bit of a walk but it is a nice walk, at some point you will need to come off of the beach and walk slightly inland but when you do that, you will walk past a lot of green areas that are full of bumblebees and I assume butterflies in the summer. It is approximately a 3.1 mile walk and your view will change along the way.

The fact that the harbour is already a bit of a walk means that you should stop at the harbour for a drink as it is the perfect place to have a chill out moment. When you leave the harbour, walk through the road Harbour Quay follow it round to the roundabout then turn right onto the A259. The next part of the walk is inland and walking beside a fast road which can feel a bit weird but stick with it – there are some really stunning views of the hills as you keep walking and there are even walks to the castle if you wanted to do something else.

After you walk past the holiday camp, keep an eye on the side roads to your right as there will be one that will lead to the sea. I cannot remember off the top of my head or by looking at the map which one we went down but they all end up at the sea and the first one is called Timberlaine Road. The next part of the walk leads you along the sea, it is a stony beach but also a really interesting one as you start to notice that parts of it are covered in wild flowers which are so lovely to see. There are some fantastic poppies and if you look close enough there are lots of bees enjoying the pollen.

When you get to Pevensey I would really recommend looking around the town as it is really pretty. It is important to note that the train station is not in the town it is further inland and the trains are very few and far between so try and find a bus or you may have to walk to the other train station.

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