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Forgotten Songs! – This Week – Electric

There are so many songs that are out there everywhere then all of a sudden they disappear and you only hear from them very rarely that they can create a sense of nostalgic for you, the listener. So roll up and welcome to Forgotten Songs where we celebrate these forgotten wonders.

Electric – Lisa Scott-Lee

There was a time where different members of the pop group Steps decided to either go it alone or a duo to release new music. Someone that tried to have a solo music career was Lisa Scott-Lee. I was a fan of Steps but was not aware of her music until I came across it the other week on a Spotify Throwback Thursday and i felt it was time to talk about it so others can learn all about it as well.

Electric was the third single to be released by Lisa Scott-Lee, and the reason that we are discussing this one is because this is the track I heard the other day.Electric was released on the 3rd September 2005, it was written by Guy Chambers and Ben Adams and produced by Richard Flack. The song was the third single to be taken from the album Never or Now and was released under the record label of Concept.

The song was originally promoted on her MTV reality show that was called Totally Scott-Lee, a show that took a look at the behind the scenes of the siblings, as her brothers were also musicians and in the band 3SL. The shows main focus is Lisa as she tries to take on a solo career for the last time. On one of the episodes she said that she wanted this single to get into the top 10 or apparently she was going to quit music altogether. (History has proven to us that Steps reunited and have been releasing albums in the last few years.)

The single went to number 13 in the UK Charts and apparently went on to be part of a campaign on an internet forum to download the track.

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