The Travel Book – Join Me For Food Travels!

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As you have probably realised from this article, I love travel and one thing that goes hand in hand with travel is food! When I go on holiday, I take a lot of photos of the dishes, places I eat and food that I see. That is why I have decided to set up an Instagram dedicated to the world of food, that if you wish, can follow along as well to see just how pretty and interesting food can be! To celebrate this new account and venture, I thought it would be fun to talk through a couple of the posts.

Mussels, House of Tides, Newcastle

Out of all the places that I have visited for fine dining, I would say that this is one of the prettiest plates of food that I have seen. I love how vibrant the plate is and the green really makes it stand out. I wouldn’t say it was the tastiest plate of food in the world as I am not the biggest fan of seafood but it was delicious. It was definitely a great way to eat mussels and caviar.

Brownies, Copenhagen, Denmark

I like this photo as it brings back good food memories for me. This was one of the best brownies I have ever had and who would of thought that it would be from a zoo cafe in Copenhagen. It was so tasty and I feel like the photo incapsulates the warmth and happiness it brought to me on a freezing cold day.

Cheese, Arcachon, France

When I go abroad I love taking photos of food in the markets as it is a great way to understand the everyday life of the city and also great memories to look back on. I find that they create memories of fun, adventure and happiness. This was taken in Arcachnon in France in 2018 and it was also the first time that i tried Comte, it really is a lovely cheese.

Well, there are a few examples and if you want to see much more food then head over to the instagram

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