Improv Corner – It Is All In The Name Part 2

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Last week, I discussed about naming an improv troupe, well something that can be just as difficult, or maybe even harder is actually what to name your next show. Whether it is for Camden Fringe, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the local pub or even a guest at a night, the name of the show can be important. It can sometimes be more important then the actual troupe name itself. Some troupes behind the biggest shows are not even known by their troupe names any more because their show is so well known that they are known by that instead.

So how do you come up with a show name? Talking with your team is always a huge help as you can discuss what you want the show to be about and what it will include. When you have the nitty gritty of the show sorted it can make thinking of a name a bit easier as you have something to work with.

The thing that is most important is making sure that the audience understands what the show actually is. If it is not completely clear in the name, then make sure you have a short description / slogan underneath the name, so that it is short and simple and to the point. For example with Punderstandably (2017-2019) our show was called Improv Towers which makes no sense at all on it’s own so having ‘the improvised game show’ underneath it pretty much straight away defines what the show was about.

2019 poster, with the description under the name

Here are another few points to help you by:

+ Do your research on your topic – Doing an improv show based on a specific topic like Sherlock Holmes, The Big Bang Theory, FRIENDS? Do your research on that topic – there may be a word or specific saying that stands out to be the name of your show. If anyone does a Big Bang Theory based improv I guarantee it will be something to do with the word Bazinga. Whatever your show is, know your content inside out, the fans will appreciate it and the newbies will be intrigued.

+ Keep it short and sweet – Ok , so a name of the show does not have to short but if you do that people will remember it. If you do show at a festival you really want the name to stand out.

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