Improv Corner – It Is All In The Name Part 1

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So you have decided to stat an improv troupe! Yay! Congratulations! Welcome to the world of improv admin, planning. organisation and fun galore! Starting a new improv troupe is always fantastic and exciting ventures however when you first start meeting you start to realise one thing – you spend a lot of the time trying to work out what the name of your troupe should be!

Naming anything can be incredibly tricky but naming an improv troupe can be really difficult. When I lived in Newcastle we were in the process of trying to create a new improv team and we had two pages of A4 of potential names. Sadly the troupe never went off the ground as I had to head back to London but the name is one I would still like to use in the future sometimes.

So how do you come up with a name for your troupe? Well it can actually be something that is really hard to think of. You want people to remember it and make it something that is catchy and one that your team like and feels represents who you are. When I co-founded Pundestandably (2017-2019) no-one could really pronounce our name but people remembered who we are because of it. Our name was founded by playing a short game and the word Understandably kept being used that it became an inside joke. The name took ages to get to and took a long time for us to work out what it was but when we had it, we felt it just clicked.

Here are a few pieces of advice to how to find a name:

+ Write down everything in a meeting: When you and your troupe next discuss potential names to get you going – write them all down. You may not like any of the ones that are suggested but it is a stat and then you may want to come back to them at some point for further development.

+ Read – Dictionaries, news articles, lyrics, the Phoenix Remix, it doesn’t matter what you read, words can give you inspiration for a name. Sometimes a random word used in a random way can spark an idea.

+ Don’t Stress – Naming anything can be incredibly difficult, trust me I have seen the same thing in Television where I work, don’t stress about it something will click at some point.

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