Welcome to Improvised Movie Director Podcast Month!

I love it when I get the chance to sit down with the producers and creators of podcasts, especially when they are very diffrerent and unique in their style. This month I got the opportunity to catch up with the people behind the improvisational podcast IMDp – The Improvised Movie Director Podcast. The podcast is an improvised comedy interview where each episode the regular host Martina Minnow interviews a guest about a movie they’ve made. The movie is made up of the titles of two already popular films and the guest has to improvise what the film is about.

So this month I get to talk to the shows host Sabrina Luisi and the shows producer Steve Tanner to find out all about it and what actually goes into making a really fun show. Over the month we will talk about all different elements of improv as well as going behind the scenes and finding out all about the show and the process of creating it.

On the 3rd of this month the podcast is also performing their first ever live show so we will be finding out all about that as well! So stay tuned, it is going to be a really fun month!

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