Don’t Mess Improv Month – INTERVIEW – Meet Sarah

For July we are very excited to be able to go behind the scenes of the new improv team on the block, Don’t Mess. Don’t Mess is a global all women and non-binary improv team and their shows explore the world of zoom meetings because who knew there could be so much fun that could be created from this world! All this week we are getting to meet a different member of the team, today we talk to Sarah

Player Profile – Sarah

Hello Sarah how long have you been improvising?

6 years.

How did you get into improv?

I went along to Improv Gym in Kent, and from there heard about all the improv schools and training available, and quickly became addicted!

What is your favourite style of improv and why?

I love playing an object more than anything in the world! I also love grounded longform, organic longform, and super fast short form! So, all of it, pretty much!

Who are your top 5 favourite improvisers and why?

All of Don’t Mess – they are such a delight to perform with!

What is your favourite warm up game?

2 Aubergines!

Favourite short form game?

Controversial I know – but I blinking love the Alphabet game!

What are the three top tips anyone has ever taught you in improv?
1 –  If your head wants to plan from the backline (which mine does, because I have a writer’s brain) let it, then don’t use the plan on stage,
2 – if your feet go to move, trust and follow the impulse.
3- remember how long you are when you lie down flat on the stage!

In no more than 5 words, what advice would you give them?

Risk taking can be wonderful!

What are some of your favourite new acts you have come across this year and why?

All of the Improv College and Global Improv Project house teams – really inventive stuff, and I’m loving all the shows coming from Extreme Improv and Improv Comedy Bangalore. 

How would you describe your personal sort of improv?

A little quirky and sometimes abstract, but rooted in finding connections and in support!

Describe each member of Don’t Mess in one word

My one word is for everyone – AWESOME! I feel such a connection and flow playing with these people!


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