Don’t Mess Improv Month – INTERVIEW – Meet Llaura

For July we are very excited to be able to go behind the scenes of the new improv team on the block, Don’t Mess. Don’t Mess is a global all women and non-binary improv team and their shows explore the world of zoom meetings because who knew there could be so much fun that could be created from this world! All this week we are getting to meet a different member of the team, today we talk to Llaura.

Player Profile – Llaura

Hello Llaura how long have you been improvising? 

5 years

How did you get into improv? 

Just said yes to a suggestion a friend made one night while we were in a tequila bar to go check out a free improv jam that evening and the rest is history!

What is your favourite style of improv and why? 

Longform / Narrative – I love to make shows up as if they were movies. Something that if they could, audience members would watch over and over again.

Who are your top 5 favourite improvisers and why?

Aside from rest of the Don’t Mess team my top favourite improvisers are: Ti Coleman, Laxmi Priya, Imogen Palmer, Caitlyn Campbell and Francis Jasson Villaneuva – all of these people have taught me how to be a more caring and calming presence within the improv community and improv scenes.

What is your favourite warm up game? 

3 line scenes

Favourite short form game?

 Story, Story, Die – this was the first improv game I ever played at the first jam I attend. I was killed by turnips!

What are the three top tips anyone has ever taught you in improv? 

1) You do not always have to say “yes”,
2) make sure you like the character you are playing,
3) anything that comes out of your mouth is valid

In no more than 5 words, what advice would you give them?

Be honest with yourself about what you like and don’t like. Don’t force yourself do something you don’t enjoy. 

What are some of your favourite new acts you have come across this year and why? 

Hannah McGowan & Ewan Henderson with their show The Unfortunate Adventures Of Serg & Vlad has me in stitches every time! It’s such a comical improv set-up that continues to grow and the fact that they have started to incorporate guests to help build the world of their main characters is great.

How would you describe your personal sort of improv? 

Bold, nonchalant, grounded and clever (at times) 

Describe each member of Don’t Mess in one word

 I’d use the same word to describe all of them which is – Unstoppable. It kind of links to how our name was created – we saw the list of female improvisers who had been put together for a specific project and my thoughts were “you don’t want to mess with them, as they’re unstoppable in the world of Improv”.

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