Improv Corner – Improv in the Media – Fall Out Boy

Welcome to a brand new year of Improv Corner – there is one thing that fascinates me about improv and that is how it is portrayed in Television and Film. This is becoming more and more apparent in recent years because the comedy art form is sort of in fashion. There are some interesting topics that we can gain from these ways they are displayed so every so often we are going to look at different scenes from different shows and films.

Fall Out Boy – Save Rock N Roll

This week we are not going to talk about a television or a film, instead we are going to talk about the lyrics of a song which I fid are really interesting and whilst they are not really about improv at all, every time I listen to it I always think of improv because in some ways it is actually really good advice for the comedy art form.

These are the lyrics that always make me think about improv, it is only two verses but I feel that it can be actually great advice.

In a world full of the word ‘yes’
I’m here to scream No, no

Fall Out Boy, Save Rock N Roll

When you start to learn improv you realise that the word yes is vitally important because it means you are open to any offer that is given to you and you are ready to paint the world that is being opened to you. However, the power of No used in the right time in a scene can also be pretty powerful and can also lead to some really great improv.

That is why I really like this lyric and when I do improv I always keep it in the back of my mind trying to find the perfect time to say a no. Finding a way to add a no to a scene can be very challenging but also can be a fun little task if you can find a good place to say it.

Now, the word no is something that shouldn’t be used in a scene to block it if anything it should be used to develop the narrative and allow the scene to blossom in a unique way. I have seem so many great bits of improv where the term no hasn’t been used to block scenes but turn them into something wonderful, it is a great little way to play around with what you know about improv and turn it into something different and fun.

To finish off this week I wanted to add the video at the end so you can see what the lyrics are actually used in context, however I think this week is an important walkaway that inspiration for any sort of improv can come from anywhere. Even a song by Fall Out Boy and Elton John.

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