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The Travel Book – Bordeaux, France

The first time I really paid attention to the city of Bordeaux was when I watched Rick Stein’s show about weekend escapes and he visited the city. It seemed like such a wonderful place that we decided to vist it for the whole period of Christmas in 2018.

Bordeaux is located in the South West of France, you can get there with a direct flight from the UK that is quite short. The city is in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitane where it is also the capital. The city is easy to get around as there are trams, busses and even boats.

Bordeaux is famous for a lot of things including it’s history (which also includes their wine), it’s beauty and or course the wine and has approximately 20,000 wine producers in the region.

The city is a fascinating place to walk around as there is so much to see. In the spring and summer months it is a place that prizes itself with water and there are fountains and water displays that shine throughout the city. However in the Winter when the fountains are turned off for the season you are welcomed with these really dramatic sculptures that are revealed without the water.

One article is not enough to really emphasise this lovely city, I really recommend going to it as there is so much to see. Another thing that heightens the experience is the food that is on offer as well and I will be talking about that in the future. I loved Bordeaux and I cannot wait to visit again.

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