Improv Corner – Watch Your Shows

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Talking about this topic is not a new thing on The Phoenix Remix as we have discussed it before. However I wanted to bring it back this week to talk about it in a new way because improv is now being performed a lot online due to lockdowns and the Covid Pandemic that I think it is an interesting topic to look at again.

Most of you reading this are probably performing shows online on a regular basis – if you can get a copy of this show then do and watch it back. Online improv is a whole different ball game and you approach the audience differently to others ways and the way you perform has to be adapted. It is always good to watch back to see how your shows can be improved, expanded and maybe even developed for next time.

Even though a lot of your shows are now online, don’t ignore the stage shows that you did before. If you have copies of these watch them as well – we may not be able to perform like we used to BUT you can still learn so much from them and again some of the themes and styles you can bring to an online world.

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