In The Games Corner – Fur Fighters, Dreamcast

Today we take a look at a third person shooter game that sees a group of furry critters take the lead in saving the day. Fur Fighters was released on Dreamcast on the 23rd June 2000 it was developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Acclaim Entertainment.

In the game, you play as the Fur Fighters as you try and rescue tiny animals babies who have been taken from their families by the evil General Viggo. In the game, you have to explore different worlds to find them and save them whilst fighting enemies along the way.

The game requires the player to really observe the world around them and be patient trying to find them as the babies can be quite scattered and hard to find. In the game you can swap between different characters which all have their unique skills.

The game got mixed reviews with critics praising the fact it’s a great game for kids and adults although they said that there were better shooter games on the market.

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