The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Beaune, France

When you go to somewhere like France you always want to visit a place that is quaint and pretty. We came across Beaune by accident and it was the best decision to visit as it really is a fascinating place. Beaune is located between Paris and Geneva in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte in the department of the Cote d’or. It is also the wine capital of Burgundy.

Beaune is a city that has a rich history and even until this day it is still a walled city. It may be the centre for the wine industry services but there is a lot more to the town as well. Places you can visit include Notre Dame Collegiate Church, Burgundy Wine Museum, Fine Art Museum, Fallot Mustard Mill and the Hospices de Beaune (click to read about that as we wrote about it a few months ago).

We visited Beaune in the early morning so a lot of the town was shut which was a shame. However, saying that, I felt it was the perfect time to see the town, Beaune is such a pretty place and seeing it empty was a wonderful experience. There is a lot to see in Beaune so I recommend.

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