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The Travel Book – Hospices de Beaune, Beaune, France

Normally, when I talk about places to visit when on holiday, I would not normally recommend an old hospital but if you find yourself in the town of Beaune then I recommend that you give Hotel-Dieu de Beaune a visit.

HOTEL DIEU 3The original part of the hospital was built in the 15th Century and a lot of people visit the museum. to see the classic Burgundeon architecture. The building has a rich history and it was built as a hospital and a refuge for the poor. The Hospice opened the 1st January 1452 and took elderly, disabled, sick people, orphans and women in labour. The patients were looked after by nuns. Even today there is part that is a hospital (not open to the public) that still looks after the public.

So why should you make a visit to the museum? Well, firstly it is one of the best tourist attractions in the area and secondly you have to visit because of the architecture because it really is phenomenal. The attraction gets over 400,000 visitors a year so you can imagine how popular it is. I will say the entrance fee is pretty hefty but we paid it because we heard nothing but good things about it so we went in. We only went in really to see the architecture and it was wonderful and well worth it.


There is many rooms with artifacts and information for you to learn more about the building including the main room that was used as the hospital section for patients. The attraction is open between 9am-6:30pm and is about a 15 minute walk from the station.

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