Comedy Clicks – USA Edition – Night Court

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.

Today we will be looking at a comedy that ran for nine seasons, beginning on January 4, 1984, and ending on May 31, 1992 – Night Court

About the Show

Summary of Plot

An eccentric fun-loving judge presides over an urban night court and all the silliness going on there..- iMDB

Number of Seasons / Episodes

9 Seasons


Harry Anderson – Judge Harry T Stone
John Larroquette – Dan Fielding
Richard Moll – Nostradamus ‘Bull’ Shannon


  • After John Larroquette won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series four years in a row, he asked that his name be taken out of consideration. He was also offered a spin-off series based around the character of Dan Fielding, but he turned it down.
  • This show became part of NBC’s semi-legendary “Must See Thursday”, which opened with The Cosby Show (1984), followed by Family Ties (1982) (and later A Different World (1987)) then Cheers (1982), and then this show.
  • There’s a scene where Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) is trapped in a motel room with a psychotic woman who acts out movie roles. While watching television, an announcer says, “We’ll return to ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'”, to which Larroquette says, “Seen that already.” Larroquette was the voice of the Narrator in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) and the 2003 remake.
  • After the taping of the final episode on a Friday, the cast were sent telegrams to have their dressing rooms vacated by the following Monday, or their belongings would be thrown away.
  • The cast was offered more money to return for a tenth season, but the show would be put on a syndicated station as opposed to NBC. They declined.
  • This show ran for nine seasons, beginning on January 4, 1984, and ending on May 31, 1992, putting out 193 episodes.


Intro Music


C’mon Speedy

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