Celebrating Comediasians Month – INTERVIEW – Meet Vanessa

All this month we are celebrating the improv troupe Comediasians. There is fifteen members of the team (and ever increasing) so we thought it was only right we got to know a few of them that little bit better! So each week we will be talking to a different member of the team to find out a little bit more about them. Today we talk to Vanessa.


Hello how long have you been improvising?
6 years. 

How did you get into improv?
If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do the same? YES! My friend was in his university improv society and I kept seeing photos of him performing. I decided it looked fun and did a Google search for improv classes. Six years later, here I am! 

What is your favourite style of improv and why?
Long form, also, and anything emotionally and relationship driven. I get such a kick when I hear the audience have emotional responses beyond laughter. 

Who are your top 5 favourite improvisers and why?
Going to be the stick in the mud and say that I don’t really like to mention favourites. There are lots of people who I admire for different reasons. I do try to tell the improvisers if I am lucky enough to know personally. 

Favourite short form game?

Move On Keep. It’s a great exercise in Game. 

What are some of your favourite new acts you have come across this year and why?
Tinned Fruit. They are a transatlantic duo who do amazing character work and accents. There’s probably some sort of wizardry involved. So, so funny. I also recently joined a group who uses Meisner techniques and I think we’re going to do some magic of our own. 

How would you describe your personal sort of improv?
Truthful, thoughtful, slow burn. 

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