In The Games Corner – Cheesy, Playstation One

Today we look at an action-adventure platform game for the PlayStation. Cheesy was released in November of 1996. It was developed by GTA games CTA games and published by Ocean Software.

In the game Cheesy, you play as the mouse character who has been locked inside a castle. It doesn’t really explain on the web why but he has been trapped by a scientist and you have to escape. In the game, you have to escape the castle by defeating aliens who are trying to attack the mouse. I have no idea what the aliens are there for either.

The game was a mix of 3D + 1 .5 D gameplay, which was still quite relatively new in the 90s. Even though the idea of being a mouse in a game called Cheesy sounds like an interesting concept the release was welcomed with a lot of negative reviews. It was criticized for the inconsistent gameplay, design and Graphics. It was however praised for the soundtrack.

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