Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Songs! – This Week – Sacred Trust

There are so many songs that are out there everywhere then all of a sudden they disappear and you only hear from them on cheesy countdowns run by music channels over Christmas if you are lucky.

So roll up and welcome to Forgotten Songs where we celebrate these forgotten wonders.

Sacred Trust – One True Voice

Back in the early noughties there was a show called Popstar The Rivals which was the birthplace of the huge UK girl band Girls Aloud. It was also the place that created the band One True Voice.

One True Voice was a British boy band, they may of been short-lived but they still had a few singles. Sacred Trust was the debut single by the group. The single was released on the 16th of December 2002 and it was a cover version of a song that was originally written and produced by the Bee Gees. The song came from their debut album This Is Where I Come In.

The single was released the same week of Girls Aloud debut single and the ideology was the last part of Pop Stars The Rivals whoever gets to number one, so to speak, wins the show. One True Voice didn’t get the top spot instead it went to number two behind Girls Aloud. Sacred Trust sold a 147,000 copies.

The song itself is very boybandy but it’s no way as catchy as the Sound of the Underground by Girls Aloud. At the time, there was a huge saturation of boybands at this time, and it’s maybe one of the many reasons that it didn’t do as well as the girl band.

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