Welcome To Celebrating Comedy Month

August is usually The Phoenix Remix’s busiest time of the year with festivals left right and centre to report on, interview acts and write preview reviews. Well, just like a lot of the world we have had to adapt to the changes. I wanted to make August a month to celebrate as much comedy as I can!

So, this month I have spoke to a number of different improv acts over the period of lockdown talking about everything BUT the current situation. I felt August is all about fun and celebrating comedy so I wanted to make the questions fun and nothing to do with the current situation.

As an extra special treat we also have a huge interview with London based improv group Swipe Right. Every summer they hold a sold out show called Summer Fling in London in August. This year was meant to be extra special for them as they were also meant to be performing at their first ever Camden Fringe. So this month we are celebrating comedy with them alongside a number of acts including our first ever interview with an act in Penang!

Watch this space it is going to be a fun month.

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