In The Games Corner – Chicken Run, Dreamcast

There was a time where films (especially children’s) were being turned into computer games. Whilst it still happens, it is not in the same influx that it was back in the nineties or the early noughties. One of the films that was turned into a computer game was Chicken Run.

Chicken Run is a film by Aardman Animations that sees chickens trying to escape their chicken coop because the owners want to turn them into meat pies. It is a loose parody of the War film the Great Escape. Chicken Run was released on Dreamcast in November of 2000, it was developed by Blitz games and published by Eidos Interactive.

In the game you play as either Ginger, Rocky, Nick or Fletcher and you explore Tweedys farm for objects and items that can be used to help the gang escape the farm. Throughout the game you have to avoid the guard dogs, the searchlights and the Tweedys by hiding behind objects and sneaking about. If you are caught you have to start all over again. Throughout the game there was many mini games and also bosses you have to beat,.

The Dreamcast version of this game for mixed reviews but was praised for being a really good conversion of the film.

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