Off The Record – ALBUM REVIEW – Heartwork, The Used

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the new album by The Used – Heartwork

Paradise Lost, a Pown by John Milton

This is the opening of the album and it starts very mellow and calming and then when it hits the chorus the songs really packs a punch. It is all about the heavy guitars, riffs and the vocals. That is the great thing about The Used, expect the unexpected with their music set up. Throughout the song there are parts that have talking and it works so well with the rock sound that they have going with the song. The song has a really catchy chorus that really oozes with the makings of a good rock song.


This song is spelt out in capitals and it is not hard to see why, to create the drama that is evident in the song, The song comes in slowly but when it starts the verse the drum beats are really interesting, they sound like an echo and that someone is playing it on pipes which creates this sort of mechanic and industrial sound to the song which creates this dark and mysterious vibe that compliments the emo lyrics that play along with it.

Wow, I Hate This Song

Whilst this song is a tad slower pace then the ones before it on this album this song has so many different elements musically that create a real experience to the listener. It is one of those songs that you want to listen to in headphones to really experience it at full effect. Whilst again musically it has a darkness to it the way that this song has been constructed it has a beautiful sense to it as well, sort of like a juxtaposition. It is full of screaming, heavy guitars and lot of flat notes, worth a listen.

1984 (Infinite Jet)

This song is incredibly interesting as it is full of a lot of different music constructions which makes the listening experience a bit theatrical. There are string instruments that intertwine through the different sections and it brings the whole song together. It is one of those tracks you need to listen to more then once as it feels sort of distorted at first. The whispering throughout is creepy and really heightens this song to a whole new level. When the piano kicks into the song near the end it creates a sort of bittersweet drama to the song and heightens the song yet again.


I always say that the title track must be something special for the album to be named after it. I was very surprised by the one on this album it was not what I was expecting. The whole track is the lead singer speaking with a dramatic track below it. The words are pretty powerful and the way they have put a twist on the title track is very different – this is an album that likes to create the unexpected to the listener. Reading the words to the song they are pretty dark and I think reading them out is a very effective way to put these across.

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