This Month We Are Celebrating The Manchester Improv Scene

Living in London, it can be very easy to be very focused on the Capitals Improv scene and not around the United Kingdom. I always try to make it as diverse as I can to promote as much of the UK Improv scene as I can. We have foussed on certain parts of the United Kingdom before for a whole month including Nottingham and Newcastle, well now it is time to shine a light on the North West.

Manchester has such a thriving improv scene and it is one that I hope to witness in person in the future. I have met some of it’s players in person and they are like a ball of energy and enthusiasm and I can only imagine the excitement they bring on stage at their Shows.

So this month I have sat down with a few acts from Manchester to find out all about it! Leading the interview is Comedy Sportz Manchester who is the only Comeddy Sportz team in the United Kingdom.

It is a really interesting time to talk to the team as they have so much grets things to talk about. When the United Kingdom got put into Lockdown because of Covid-19 Manchester Comedy Sportz has used that time to put on shows for viewers plus much more. This month we sit down and talk about everything.

Also, if you are in a team that is outside of London and want to talk about your area and the improv scene then get in contact! We would love to hear from you!

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