In The Games Corner – Jungle Book Groove Party, Playstation One

There have been many dance computer games throughout the years but at the beginning of the noughties there was one that was released all about the Jungle Book. Jungle Book Groove Party was released in November of 2000, it was developed by Ubisoft and published by Ubisoft and SCEE. The game lightly follows the narrative of the Disney film however along the way when Mowgli encounters different creatures there is an opportunity to have a dance off.

The structure of the game folllows the structure of Dance Dance Revolution and can be played with either a controller or a dance pad mat. If you miss a dance move the fruit at the top of the screen dies and then turns yellow and eventually disappears.

In the story mode version of the game, Mowgli goes through 9 levels including two boss levels. As well as single player mode there is also multiplayer where you can compete against one another. The game has a few of the songs from the original film but includes a number of songs that were created for the game. Some of the songs include Join The Ranks, A Mood For Food, We Are The Vultures and A Brand New Day. The game received an average rating of 58% on the PS1.

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