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Into The Archives….

We are currently putting on hold all Show Of The Week articles so instead we are delving into the archives with a few articles every Monday to make up for it. So every Monday we will be sharing a few interviews from our archives for you to read and enjoy – this is everything from the world of improv, to comedy to music. Enjoy.

Unboxing Music – Phantoms, Marianas Trench

Ever so often we get physical copies of CDs sent to us before album release and we like to do an unboxing to celebrate. Last year we received Marianas Trench new album Phantoms.

“…if you look at the front cover there is a lot going on and in the background their is a noise texture to the grey which I feel welcomes you into the narrative of the album.”

Unboxing Music article

Read all about it here

“Acceptance, Support And Inclusivity” – A Night Of LGBTQ Improv Talent

Last year Bristol Improv Theatre hosted Dragprov for a special night of LGBTQ talent to raise money for Bristol Pride. They wrote an article for us all about it.

“…I’ve seen the Dragprov Revue a couple of times and they always absolutely bring the house down, so it’s going to be a joy to finally host them here in Bristol.

Quote from the article by Bristol Improv Theatre

Read the article here

Improv As Culture: Arts Council Funding For Improv

Last year we started to have some fantastic articles written by Joe Thompson about Improv As Culture. This is a really interesting one about Art Council Funding.

An Arts Council that is open minded and prepared for a level of flexibility to ensure it supports a wide range of art new and old.

Quote from the article

Read it here

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