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“Acceptance, support and inclusivity” – Why The Bristol Improv Theatre and Bristol Pride are putting on a night of LGBTQ Improv Talent

We have an event coming up on July 6th that we are particularly excited about. For the first time, we are putting on a special night of LGBTQ talent as a fundraiser for Bristol Pride.

We have had ties with Bristol Pride over the years with our associate company Degrees Of Error performing the drag version of their improvised murder mystery show “Murder, She Didn’t Write” – “Murder, He Didn’t Write”, where the cast swap genders for the night.

This often takes place at our friends across town The Wardrobe Theatre so this year we have decided to celebrate the diversity of our wonderful community here at the BIT. We can’t have picked a better headliner for the night, with The Dragprov Revue (Christian Adore and Eaton Messe) coming down from London to perform their “Brilliantly funny” London Theatre1 show.

Here’s our artistic director Caitlin Campbell on why we’re doing the show:

“On one level, it’s just going to be heaps of fun. I’ve seen the Dragprov Revue a couple of times and they always absolutely bring the house down, so it’s going to be a joy to finally host them here in Bristol. On another level, it’s about celebrating the diversity of this community, because a significant proportion of Bristol’s improvising community are LGBT+.” said Caitlin Campbell, Artistic Director of The Bristol Improv Theatre
“The core of improvisation is acceptance, support and inclusivity. When that’s practised, people have the freedom and confidence to be themselves, on stage and off, and that is a delight to watch and a delight to participate in”.

Bristol Pride presents … The Dragprov Revue is on Saturday 6th July. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased in advance here.


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