In The Games Corner – Zoombinis, Microsoft Windows

There was a game that was always in the back of my memory. A game I remember playing a lot in Primary School in the end of the nineties. Schools didn’t really use computers as much as we did now, I remember we had laptop time ever so often on these old school laptops that were kept in the class. There was also one PC per classroom and it was full of educational games to teach us things. There was one game I remember we had that required making the right pizzas and crossing a river. When I was researching games for this feature I FINALLY came across this game and what it was called – so welcome to the world of Zoombinis.

The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis was an educational video game that was published in March in 1996. It was developed by Brøderbund and published by them as well. The Zoombinis are blue animals and the aim of the game is to solve a number of puzzles and to get them to safety.

In 2015 there was a Kickstarter by the original creators to reamke it – to write this article I downloaded the updated version to play and it felt like a huge nostalgic hit. It is full of puzzles where you have to figure out the right way to do things.

The reviews of the original game was positive and was defined as a game that teaches you how to think. Also it was found that it was a good teaching tool for children, which explains why we had it at school.

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