28 Days later: In Lockdown (Week 5)

Sooooo you’ve noticed. And I’m sorry. There are going to be more entries than the promised 28 days as suggested in the title. My apologies but the lockdown has lasted longer than I had hoped. I don’t know why I’m still posting these but I guess it’s part of my routine now so I have to do it. Not that I’m stuck in a routine or anything. I don’t know what would give you that impression. Anyway join me this week as I do more exciting things, join me on adventures, explorations and super fun times. Anyway enough of that. Just remember we are all in this together guys and if we all do our bit, the world can go back to normal. Stay strong, stay safe and stay sane.

3 Autumn and BB8

Day 29 – Leftover Veggie Stir Fry

Wake up. Lay in bed. Ollie likes the video! (see week 4) Yay! I’m happy. Now to share it with the world. Get up. Exercise. This first set is the hardest in the day. Run. 7.8km. It’s hard today. Shower. Breakfast. Call Mum and Dad. More exercise. Put my sheets on to wash. Work. The motor on the washer is still playing up. Finish work. Lunch. Hang my sheets. Cycle to the shops. Buy myself a treat. Chocolate cake. I deserve it. I forgot milk!! Try to post the video to youtube. Apparently it breaches copyright law. I open a dispute. I used a cover of a song. Not the actual song. Stupid Youtube. Film Nelson collecting walnuts. Guitar lesson. What should I draw today? Tea and cake and drawing. Yes please. I can’t wait for my switch to arrive. I draw Batman but in a scribble style. I think it’s pretty good. The cake and tea were amazing. Definitely needed that. Need to make my bed. But I can’t be bothered. Start to upload week 4 of this blog. Is anyone going to read it? Maybe my mum. Good old mum. My biggest fan. Write a short story for a challenge with a friend. About a dragon. Maybe that should be the title. Well done brain. Good job. Time to make my bed. Tea! Need tea. Make tea. Drink tea whilst finishing and publishing week 4 of this blog. Time to read and then check over this short story before dinner. Today has been fairly productive actually. Kiana calls and we chat for a while. I hope she’s ok. I’ll call her again tomorrow. Time for dinner. Watch Peter Mckinnon on Youtube. I need to enter his next photo assignment. Watch an episode of You with Paige. Wow we are flying through them now. Finish Doctor Sleep. It’s an odd film. Similar yet different to The Shining. It builds on the mythology well and overall I like it. It’s way too early to go to bed so I watch an episode of Killing Eve. Never seen it before but heard all the hype. It’s alright. I’ll give it a chance. Enough time to read for a bit before going to sleep

Film – Doctor Sleep. See above for a review of sorts
Music – AC/DC – Back in black
Podcast – Do Go On Ep 131 – The Munster Rebellion and Ep 130 Donald Crowhurst & The Golden Globe Race

Day 30 – Mozzarella and Pesto Pizza

Wake up. No run today so I lay in bed for longer. Get up. Exercise. Shower. Watch Youtube. Call Mum and Dad. Chat for a while. Exercise. Brush teeth. Off to work. It’s really slowing down. I’m finished by 11:30 today. Which is good and bad. I fly my drone over the walnut trees trying to judge how many nuts are left. It’s impossible to see any. But Nelson wanted me to try. So I did. Now with some free time I make tea. Sit in the garden and read in the sun. I take my camera as I want to try and get some shots of the fantails. They run away. It’s so hot in the sun. Time for lunch. I prepare loads of salad for the next week. Not sure why. It’s not as if I don’t have the time to do it each day. I just felt like it. Eat in the sun. Play Kub with Thijs in the sun. I win. Guitar lesson. This lesson is Ho Hey by the Lumineers. I think I might concentrate on this for a few days. Time to draw with tea. Paige tells me to draw a cartoon character eating sushi. So naturally I draw Scott Pilgrim Vs The Sushi. I want to help Thijs. He seems stressed. Maybe I’ll go get some beer. Not sure yet. Time for more tea and to read in the garden with the last of the sun. This book is so good. Beer time. I cycle to the shop and get some lager for Thijs. Pale ale for me. Put on Killing Eve when I get back and wait for Thijs to get back from his bike ride. Give him the beer. He seems happy. We have a beer as I cook my pizza for dinner. Eat the pizza and watch killing eve. Drink another beer. Wash up. Watch You with Paige and then an episode of Killing Eve on my own. Time to read in bed. Lots of reading today.

Film – No film. But lots of TV shows
Music – Frank Turner – I am disappeared
Podcast – Actually an Audiobook. Jurassic Park

Day 31 – Burgers, sweet potato mash and salad

I’ve been given the weekend off by my uncle! So I spend more time in bed. I get up to make tea and do my exercises for the morning. Call my mum and dad and have a chat. Time for a run. 16.5km. No rush. So might as well go further. It’s a beautiful morning. Sunny. Peaceful. What a good way to start the day. Shower. Put a load of laundry on. Watch After Life season 2 with breakfast. Order art supplies online. Feel guilty for spending too much money and cancel the orders within 10 minutes. Listening to Frank Turners new live album. It’s pretty good. Hang my laundry. I’ve been making do with what art supplies I currently have. Why do I need more? I do need new running shoes though. I talk to Thijs. We agree to go to dress mart when the lockdown is over. As we will save loads of money. Sitting on my bench reading is so peaceful. The sun is strong. The breeze gentle. Until my bench descends in to shadow. I move in to the garden and sit on the grass. Finish the chapter I’m reading. This book is insane. So good. I challenge Thijs to a game of Kub. He wins. 3-2 to him overall. Can I pull this back? Time to paint. I put on the Jurassic Park audiobook whilst I paint. I’m copying my friend Ulrike and painting a picture of some hugging penguins she sent me. It’s cute. The painting needs time to dry so I bring my laundry in and fold it. Finish the painting. I think it turns out pretty well. Hopefully others will like it. Get distracted by Youtube. Tom Rosenthal today. It’s weird having a full day to myself. But it’s been nice. Hopefully I can find enough to do tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go for a bike ride. Only tomorrow will tell. I’m having dinner with my family tonight so I have a little time to kill. I watch After Life. Which is both hilarious and sad. Dinner is nice with my family. But I eat meat for the first time in almost 5 weeks. I’m not sure how I feel about that. We play Rumikub and then I head back to my room to finish watching after life. It’s a great show but very sad. Time to read in bed for a bit.

Film – No film. Just lots of After life
Music – Tom Rosenthal – Hope
Podcast – Jurassic Park audio book

Day 32 – Veggie coconut curry with Rice.

Wake up. Lay in bed. Exercise. Put music on. Shave. I haven’t shaved in about 5 or 6 weeks. I’ve lost track. It feels weird. Shower. Wash my hair. Make tea. Call Mum and Dad. Call Lauren and Jonathan. More tea. Have breakfast. Scan some documents to send to Stuart for a new job I’m starting. Put on Foo Fighters live in Hyde Park 2006. I clean. I clean the bathroom top to bottom. I vacuum the flat. Empty the bins. Clean the kitchen. I want to be productive. Learn something. Create something. Do something but I’m finding the motivation hard to find. I give up and read. Damn this book is good. Lunch time I think. Must be productive after lunch though. Guacamole salad wrap for lunch. Yum. Play guitar. Try to learn the riff from Come as you are by Nirvana. Film something with my family to send to Lauren. Takes a lot longer than expected. Need tea. What to draw today? I look on Youtube for inspiration. Settle on a landscape painting separated by sunrise and sunset. It turns out ok. I edit the footage we shot earlier on iMovie on my phone. It’s pretty easy and turns out ok. Start watching Killing Eve but Thijs invites me to go to the supermarket. I need a few bits so I go with with. Get home. Cook dinner. It’s so tasty. I’ve outdone myself. Watch You with Paige. Wash up. Film time. The Invisible Man. The new one. I’m looking forward to it. Make tea. Get chocolate. Get comfy. Can’t concentrate. Stop the film and go to bed.

Film – No film.
Music – Nirvana – Come as you are
Podcast – No podcast

Day 33 – Leftover veggie coconut curry

It was windy last night. Woke up loads. Eventually got up. Exercised. Ran. 6km. Showered. Called Mum and dad. Had breakfast. Not sure if I’m working today. Will talk to Nelson. Not sure what to do if I’m not working. Watch youtube videos on watercolour painting. Start a tree painting depicting all the seasons and put on the Jurassic Park audiobook. Pause to help Nelson for a little bit. Bike to the shops to get some corn chips and something to drink for lunch. Finish the painting. I’m pretty happy with it. Make lunch. Guacamole salad wrap with corn chips. Yum. Also lemon ice tea to drink. Also yum. Watch Rick and Morty. I’m Pickle Rick!! Guitar lesson. Try a little mountain doodle. I read for a little bit and then call my friend Lee over in Sydney. We chat for a while and catch up which is nice. I challenge Thijs to a game of Kub an I win. That’s 3-3 now. More tea and I put on Killing Eve to watch while I chill. Dinner time. Leftovers. The curry was really nice last night so I’m looking forward to it today. It’s still good! Watch Killing Eve with dinner. And watch the Invisible man after with beer and chocolate. I’m putting my phone away this time. So I can concentrate properly. I’m so glad I fully concentrated on this film. There are so many details I would have missed if I was distracted. It’s so intense. Nicely shot and well edited. A great film. I highly recommend. Might watch some killing eve or read before bed. Not sure. But I will go to bed

Film – The Invisible Man – A film about an invisible man. It’s unmissable
Music – Lorde – Supercut
Podcast – Jurassic Park Audiobook

Day 34 – Stir Fry Veg with Adzuki beans and noodles in Soy/Honey sauce

I get woken up by the water pump. Lay in bed for ages. Get up and do my exercises. Add 2 more. Tricep dips and crunches. It was getting a little too easy. Shower. Make porridge. It’s tasty. Call mum and dad. A few drying bins need emptying so I do this next. It only take 30 mins or so. Back to my room to listen to Jurassic Park and order some art supplies. My mum sent me money so I could order some. To keep me busy. Not sure what to do so I sit in the sun and read. I finish my book. I hate it when that happens. The book was awesome. And I didn’t want it to end. Recursion by Blake Crouch. Now I need to find a new book. Boo. I browse the kindle store for a while. Then have lunch. Sit in the sun to eat. See if Thijs wants to play Kub. He’s too busy with work. I paint instead. Try putting some of my youtube binging to use and paint some watercolour foxes. This paper is not good enough for what I want to do. But it turns out ok. Time to catch up with my diary drawings. I’m about 6 or so behind. Not that I’ve had much to add to my diary since arriving in Christchurch. Just wake up. Run. Same again. Watched this film. Repeat. I borrow Nelson’s mountain bike and go for a ride for about an hour. Not very far or fast but it’s nice to get out. Put on Jurassic Park and the time flies by. Back home I sit in the remaining sun of the day and read a new book I’m testing. The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray. It gets cold. I move inside and read with tea. Time for a quick doodle and then watch some Killing Eve before I have to make dinner. Tonights dinner is another tasty one. Stir fry veg with noodles and a yummy sauce. Put on some music whilst I wash up and sing. It’s the little things. Watch an episode of you with Paige. Then I put on a new Netflix film called Extraction with Chris Hemsworh. It’s pretty good. Popcorn is my snack tonight. Time for bed.

Film – Extraction – Not a bad film. Quite fast paced with a lot of action. Not a lot of substance though
Music – Foals – Bad Habit
Podcast – Jurassic Park Audiobook

Day 35 – Leftover Stir Fry Veg and noodles

It’s cold this morning. I don’t want to face the cold. I eventually get up. Exercise. Go for a run. 7.7km. Shower. Make tea. Call mum and dad. Make porridge. Did I say that’s what I’m having for breakfast now? Well I am. Watch Youtube. Sign up to skillshare. Spend an hour highlighting which courses I want to do. Watch a course on instagram and make 3 pages of notes. Lunch time. Sit in the sun with my salad wrap and lemon ice tea. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Read for a bit in the sun. I might buy this book. It’s pretty good. Start my guitar lesson. G major scales. Thijs wants to play Kub. Pause the lesson. I win. 4-3 to me. In our little tournament. Back to my guitar lesson. What should I draw today. Something simple and watercolour based. This paper is really bad for watercolour. I’ll have to try other art techniques until my new art stuff arrives. I put on The Weekly Planet to keep me entertained. More exercise. I sit on the lawn with my laptop and do some work whilst I listen to the weekly planet. My bum hurts. I move inside. Time to choose some images for instagram. Too early for dinner so I watch an episode of Killing Eve. Leftovers for dinner. I might have to put the heater on tonight. The moon is pretty tonight. Eat dinner. Watch You with Paige. Wash up. Make tea. Time for a film. Long shot with Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. Drink tea and eat popcorn with the film. Get stuck in a youtube wormhole after the film is finished. I finally pry myself away and go to bed.

Film – Long Shot. Pretty funny romantic comedy. Seth Rogen is always fun in films
Music – Wolf Alice – Beautifully Unconventional
Podcast – The Weekly Planet Ep 332 Extraction! Chris Hemsworth!

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