The 30 Day Book Challenge! – Day 24 – A Book That You Wish More People Would’ve Read

Welcome to a brand new feature that is going to run for this month – this April we are going to celebrate the world of Books! The last few weeks and months we have all been part of a weird world to say the least so this month we thought it would be nice to talk about something that allows you to escape even if it just for a chapter at a time. So this month we are taking on the 30 Day Book Challenge and looking at a different topic each day, enjoy!

30 day book challenge

Day 24: A Book That You Wish More People Would’ve Read
NAME OF BOOK: Animal, Sara Pascoe

img_9456-1It took me a while to to really think about the answer to this one because – firstly who am I to tell people what to read and secondly which book do i suggest? Then I went to my Good Reads list to see what I had read recently because I read a hell of a lot. I came across a name of a book that I remember thinking it was so good that I even private messaged the Author Sara Pascoe on Instagram to thank her for it (and she sent a really nice reply back too). It is a book that I have a lot of opinion on and definitely feel that it fits this criteria.

 The book is focussed on the female – the body, the science and everything that falls in between. She covers every subject you can imagine – from sex, image, boyfriends to the nitty gritty stuff such as abortion and rape which she faces head on and tackles in a way that isn’t read a lot in society and for that I praise her. The book is broken into sections with the last being about consent and with everything that is happening in Hollywood at the moment I really recommend reading this as it really is a really interesting and sometimes shocking read.

This is not a book that you would probably associate to a comedian but its fantastic, I found it fascinating and as a female a lot of the stuff i ended up agreeing with and you realise that you are not just the only one who feels that way. If you are female I highly reccomend this book as a must read and if you are a male i recommend reading this book to really gain a strong insight into the side of women you may not of thought before.

When I read this book I came away with the impression that this book should be put on the reading criteria for college. I found that it really covered topics that need to be covered at that age and when I was reading it I kept thinking i wish I had this available to read when I was younger.

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