Into The Archives….

We are currently putting on hold all Show Of The Week articles so instead we are delving into the archives with a few articles every Monday to make up for it. So every Monday we will be sharing a few interviews from our archives for you to read and enjoy – this is everything from the world of improv, to comedy to music. Enjoy.

6 Things You Didn’t Notice In How I Met Your Mother

Back in 2017 I decided to rewatch the comedy How I Met Your Mother and along the way I noticed six random details that I never saw before. So why not read this to see if you noticed any of these.

Click here to read the article 

Interview: Behind The Scenes – Cosplay Edition – An Interview With Amy Telford

Back in 2016 we caught up with Amy Telford to find out what it is like to do Cosplay. Since then her followers and fanbase has dramatically increased so it was great to talk to her in the early days

“It’s become an art form not too dissimilar to fashion or dance, so I think people are pushing past boundaries and turning it into something to be taken seriously…”

Read the interview here. 

The Improv Diaries – Part 31 – Farewell Newcastle!

Back in 2016, I left Newcastle to move back to London and this was the last diary post I wrote in regards to improv whilst I was there. It was quite a hard one to write because I was sad to leave and had such a great time learning from Bev and Ian and making lots of great friends on the way.

“All these things plus so many more memories have made improv and Newcastle the fantastic experience that it has been. I don’t regret any of it, even the times when I feel rubbish because I wasn’t happy with the scene, it doesn’t matter it is something that has allowed me to grow and develop as a person in both improv and in life.”

Read the article here

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