INTERVIEW: Behind the Scenes – Cosplay Edition – An Interview with Amy Telford

Welcome to another Behind the Scenes interview. This week, we are not talking to someone who owns a Youtube Channel, instead we are talking to a woman who is a Teacher but also a filmmaker working for an Independent group called Team Beard Films where she works in front and behind the camera.
Her name is Amy Telford and when she is not buy doing any of these things she is immersing herself into the worlds she would love to visit at the cinema by recreating characters through the art of Cosplay. I sat down with Amy to discuss all things nerdy, creating outfits, ComicCon and film making…


Hello Amy, so How did you first get into cosplay?
My first ever cosplay was after they announced a new con in the north – Nemacon. I looked into what it would entail and thought I’d like to dress up. Was into Final Fantasy so dressed as a character i looked most like. I enjoyed it and got such good feedback I kept going.

“I am planning on touring with Jillian Holtzmann this year…”- Amy 

What was the first character that you recreated in cosplay and why?:
It was Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 purely because she was the character I looked most like and I had the hair for it!

Cosplay is an evergrowing community – why do you think this is happening?
I think people are so taken in by characters these days that sometimes emulating them is a nice nod to the franchises. Its become an art form not too dissimilar to fashion or dance, so I think people are pushing past boundaries and turning it into something to be taken seriously.

What is some of your favourite characters you have been and why?:
Before Holtzmann, I was Speedy from Arrow and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. They were my faves purely because I challenged myself and made an effort to make them as screen accurate as my pocket money would allow me! Its nice getting feedback that is positive and having people appreciate your hard work.

What characters do you still want to recreate and why?:
Holtzmann has received such good feedback that I think I will continue with her for a while. But I would like to try Jayla from Star Trek Beyond should time and funding allow it.

What is your favourite thing to do in cosplay – do to events such as Comic Con / create films or photoshoots or anything else?:
I just like wandering! I like having my picture taken! I was at LFCC and the UK Ghostbusters allowed me into their bosom. Was nice getting to know like minded people and see their thought processes when creating costumes.

What is the cosplay community like in the North East is it as thriving as the south?:
If I am honest I am not sure. I do find that the south has a bigger scope purely based on event organisation. But I do this the NE is expanding!

What are your future plans for your Cosplay?:
I am planning on touring with Jillian Holtzmann this year, get the most out of it while she is still a popular character. I’m planning some video skits too!

“Its nice getting feedback that is positive and having people appreciate your hard work.” – Amy 

What are your aims for when you recreate characters? Is it to act exactly the same or to bring your own glitter to the part?:
The initial start is to make it screen accurate and then when money goes down and my attempt goes tits up, I then say I have bespoked it lol.

How do you go about making your outfits ?

A mixture of eBay, mother and what I can source around the house. I do try to make as much of them as possible.

Tell us about your film production company and the sort of films etc that you produce?:
I am part of Team Beard Films. We are an independent group based in the North East. We make films in the hope they will inspire and entertain. A lot of our films are themed around the bizarre. Whether scifi or horror, we like to step outside normality.

 Do you prefer being in front or behind the camera and why?
I like both. I like performing when it’s a character I know I suit. But I’ve found I’m good at producing. Means I can put my teacher organisational skills into practise. It really depends on the project. I will swap roles depending on where I am needed most.

If you want to find out more about Amy and her follow her Cosplay Creations of any of her film production work then please follow the links below.

Written by Holly

Hello! My name is Holly and I am the Editor of The Phoenix Remix. I am a Video Editor in the Television Industry. I write this website as a hobby in my spare time. Comedy and Music run through my veins and I love writing about them both, I adore interviewing acts and always on the lookout for something new!

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