Improv Corner – Be someone You Always Wanted To Be

Improv is a funny thing, it allows you to be anything or anybody you want on stage. Sometimes, it allows you to be someone you always wanted to be. Not sure what I mean? Then let me explain.

Whilst I am an extremely outgoing person, love talking and meeting new people there are parts of me that I am the opposite. In crowds I can be extremely shy and stop talking and be the fly on the wall, I can also lack confidence in other areas. However, when I go on stage I feel alive, I feel like I can be anything and I just feel incredibly comfortable. Even friends and family have said I become this electric character on stage and so different to who I am. I love that on stage I can be anything and all those insecurities you would have being that person in real life just fly away. If you ask anyone that performs on stage – actors, musicians, improvisers they will all say very similar things.

I remember watching Big Daddy when I was a kid and Adam Sandler gives him these sunglasses that make him ‘invisible’ and he only takes them off when he feels comfortable to be seen. I feel that is sort of like improv can do – it can be those sunglasses that the boy wears and creates that confidence, it allows you to have the confidence you may not have in everyday life.

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