Media Madness! – This Week – Film Genres

Welcome to a brand new feature that is going to be your regular Tuesday lunchtime article! Due to the popularity of Question Roulette the past few years, I thought it was time to jump to another book with lots of questions. This time the book is called Music Madness Mayhem – the book covers everything from film, television, music, and much more! So every week we will be covering questions from the book until we run out! I am not going to number them this time as I am going to be doing the book in a random order!

Topic of the week – Film Genres

What are your favourite genres of film? Well this is the topic that we are looking at today, there are many genres that I enjoy in the world of film for so many reasons so lets have a look at them and some of my top films.


I have always been a fan of animation for as long as I can remember, when I was growing up i spent hours drawing characters off the VHS cases. I just love the fun in the genre and that there is always something hidden in there for every age group. So here are a few of my favourites.

1) Toy Story –

I love the Toy Story franchise and it was a huge part of my childhood. They are just such a fun animation series and I never get bored of them. All of the characters are fun and all four of the films are just fantastic.


2) Despicable Me 

I love this film so much – you try and watch any of these films without laughing. The minions and Gru are a wonderful mixture and the addition of the children as well makes this such a great film.


3) Zootropolis – 

I love this film, the fact it is centered around a rabbit automatically won me over before I even saw it. Then I watched the film and adored it – I love the way that they characterize animals and it is just so fun.


4) Tangled – 

I love this film so much, I wasn’t sure when I saw the first saw the trailer if I was going to like it as there was a lot of criticism about it coming out of America, this was still in the production stages of the film.  However when it was released and I saw it, I instantly adored it, the humour, the songs, the story, it is just perfect.


5) Shaun The Sheep – 

I love stop animation and one of my favourite characters is none other then Shaun the Sheep. When I heard that there was going to be a film, I wasn’t sure at first if it was going to work because the television show is 10 minutes long and there is no spoken word. However, I went to see it the week it was released (it was in the middle of the day and I had the whole cinema to myself) I loved it so much and absolutely adore it.


I love comedy – there is nothing better then watching something that makes you laugh out loud. Some of these on the list are cult classics that I felt just deserved to be there and others are on the list because I thought they were hilarious. These are a few that are my favourites even if I don’t watch them all the time, I love them.

1) The Mask – 

This is by far my favourite film with Jim Carrey film and I love it so much, the comedy side of the film may be quite silly but that is why I adore it. It highlights Jim Carrey in all of his glory and shows just how talented of an actor that he is. I really like his character Stanley Ipkiss and it is really nice to have the juxtaposition of both sides of the personality.


2) Bridget Jones Diary – 

This is by far one of my favourite comedies and rom coms but trying to decide which topic to put this under was difficult to chose but I laugh so much at this film that I decided to add it here. I can watch this film so much and never get bored of how funny it is, the film is so well written


3) Clueless – 

This isn’t the best comedy in the world but it is such a cult classic that it had to make the list as it is great no matter what way you look at it. It may be a tad cheesey but it is just pure fun and you can see just how much this film influences others even today.


4) Bowfinger – 

I only watched this as it was on Netflix and i am so glad I did, it is just pure genius this film and I loved it so much. I found it such a clever film and both Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy are absolutely hilarious in this film. If you haven’t seen this film give it a watch it is very fun!


5) Happy Gilmore – 

This was the first Adam Sandler film I saw growing up and I loved it – firstly it opened up the world for me of Adam Sandler films and persuaded me to watch a lot of his films. It was like no other comedy film I had seen and found it so unique and whilst I wasn’t really into golf or ice hockey as a kid it didn’t matter. Even watching it now when I do love Ice Hockey I adore it there are some really funny moments.

Rom Com

1) A Lot Like Love – 

I really love this film, I really enjoy the narrative and just the film as a whole. I will be 100% honest, I only originally watched this film because Ashton Kutcher was in it but I was very surprised as to how good it actually is. I find it is such an underrated romantic comedy and if you haven’t watched it – do.


2) How To Lose Friends and Alienate People – 

I never thought that Simon Pegg would be the lead love interest in one of my favourite rom coms but here we are. I really enjoy this film, the comedy is so well written and I love the story of the film. Simon Pegg is a genius when it comes to depicting a comedic character and even when that character is a pig, he can still bring a lovable side to that pig.


3)  This Means War –

I have only seen this film a couple of times and I remember really enjoying it as again there is quite a big comedy factor to this film. Ok, I watched this originally because of Chris Pine – not just because of those eyes (those eyes are so blue ❤ ) but because nowadays he is always in action films but he hasn’t done many of these sorts of films in a long time and I wanted to see if he was still funny and comedic in this roll. He is and him and Tom Hardy bounce well off each other.


4) 500 Days of Summer

It is not your average rom com this film but it is one that I really love, I adore the story and I really adore Joseph Gorden-Levitt and Zoeey Deschanel. When I first watched this film I wasn’t sure it was going to be one that I liked but it exceeded my expectations so much. As a Motion Graphics Designer I am a huge fan of the animation that is used throughout this film and it’s simplicity. The story may not be your predictable happy ending but I just really can relate to the realness. It also has a cracking soundtrack.


5)  While You Were Sleeping – 

I grew up in a houeshold that used to watch a lot of rom com films and a lot of the ones released in the nineties and I guess eighties (although I am a nineties kid) as pure cheese but pure gold. I feel a lot of these sort of films have made me the romantic and the dreamer that I am. I think out of all the rom coms that were around this is one of my favourites.

Growing up as an only child in a small family I think it why I feel that I relate more to these loner types of characters such as Lucy (and to an extent Stanley Ipkiss in the Mask) because I feel that I have a lot of similarities to these characters. This film may be cheesy but it is nice and does what all rom coms do – make you wish you were in love.

Action Adventure

1) Indianna Jones and The Last Crusade

This is my favourite Indianna Jones film by far and it played a huge part in my childhood. I remember watching these films when I was a kid – the first film used the scare the hell out of me with the ending ( I think i covered my eyes for many years watching that as it really freaked me out and I didn’t like the skin that eroded away) but number three blew my mind. You want to know a film that made me think Hollywood was magic – this is one of those films. That part where he takes a risk to walk across the gap, oh my god, my jaw dropped, I wasn’t expecting that visual effect and to this day I thin it is one of my favourite scenes in any film. It gave me chills from a young age as it amazed me so much.


2) Guardians of the Galaxy – 

I wasn’t going to include Marvel, I was super strict with myself and was like no I am going to ignore super hero films..but I couldn’t. There were many that could of made the list but I was strong and chose one. I was late to the Guardians game but I heard nothing but great things about it and when I heard my best friend who doesn’t even like super hero films absolutely adored it, I knew it was something special and a game changer.

I remember the first time I watched this film and laughing a lot – no matter what you think of him Chris Pratt is so good at bringing comedy to a character, he is such a natural. The whole film is casted so well and it is just so good, hilarious, ridiculous and grooty. It also has a fantastic music track and I think that was a huge game changer in the world of Marvel films as well.


3)  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 

I remember when I saw this in the Cinema – we went there to see a different film but the place we went was so small that it didn’t have the one that we wanted to watch so we ended up going to see this instead not knowing much about it. I am glad we did it was such a good film, funny, one big adventure and like nothing out there. Whilst I feel none of the sequels live up to the original, the first one is still very unique and so entertaining.


4) Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – 

You can’t have a list and not have a Star Wars film! Growing up I loved the franchise and this was always my favourite film by a mile. There are so many things that make this film great – the plot twists, the romance, the freezing of Han Solo it really is a wonderful film and the best by miles. I saw it recreated at Secret Cinema a few years back and it just reminded me how good this film actually is.

5) Inception – 

I saw this film at the cinema in Orlando Universal Studios in reclining sofas, and I slightly dosed off – not because the film was bad but because I was too damn comfy! Since that said day I have seen Inception many times and I love it, the creativity in the editing, the action packed narrative of the story, it really is a great film.

Silent Film

1) The Circus – 

This is a fantastic silent film by Charlie Chaplin and it is so underrated, whilst there are some serious issues in this film the comedy in it is phenomenal. Chaplin is such a talented physical comedian and putting him into a clowning environment where he can really go to town is such a clever and fantastic idea. I can watch this film over and over again and it will make me laugh all the time.


2) City Lights – 

This was the first film of Chaplin’s that I saw then I was 17 and it was the film that made me fall in love with the comedy talents of this actor. It is a really fun film there are so many great scenes where physical plays a huge key. The story is fun and yet again it is  a film that does cover serious subjects but does it in such a way it is also so entertaining.

3)  The Kid – 

One of the most iconic Chaplin films around and have still only seen it once. I can totally understand why this film is so loved, there is so much great comedy and the child actor is amazing. This was the first film I have seen in the silent era that has a surrealist section in it – that is one thing I love about Charlie, always experimenting and trying out new things, this film definitely does that.

4)  The Artist – 

As soon as I saw that they were making a modern silent film style movie I had to watch it as this is a topic that has fascinated me for a long time any my A Level Film Studies project was all about how you would make silent films in a modern day society (and I got 5 marks off full marks for that project, that is how much I put into it) . It is a topic that has always fascinated me and it was a film that I wanted to see just to understand and decide whether I liked what they did. When I did get around to watching it I was pleasantly surprised and believed it deserved the oscar.

5) Safety Last! – 

To be fair, I haven’t seen the whole film and I have only seen this section, my Film studies introduced me to it whilst I was doing my Silent Film project and whilst I still haven’t seen the whole film, this is such an iconic and important part of cinema history. Even today looking at this shot, it is still as breathtaking as the first time you watch it.

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