REVIEW: The Yungblud Show

It’s 2pm in the UK and 7am in America and Yungblud has decided to stream a live show on his Youtube calling it The Yungblud Show, recently due to the Covid-19 Corona Virus he has, like a lot of musicians had to cancel a lot of his tour so he decided to take matters into his own hands and stream a live show where fans can interact with him and also put on a show that he felt guilty that he could not do internationally.


Now this may be a streamed show on Youtube but it is multicam and he still has the huge amount of energy that he has at his live shows (and you can read a review we did of his live shows last year by clicking here)  Even though this show is a streamed show Yungblud interacts with his fans throughout the show like they are at his gig and tells them throughout to mosh in their bedrooms and brings the electric vibe even to a show like this it is very unique and even though it has been brought out of a bad situation he has managed to create something very different to music that is very entertaining to watch and questions if this is a great way to interact with music in the future.

There are some songs that he changes the lyrics making them relevant to the world that we are currently living in and edited in words such as Corona to keep in theme with the whole reason as to why the shows were cancelled.


The show is set out sort of like a chat show like Jimmy Fallon style and he has a number of guests that join him through the show including Machine Gun Kelly and Bella Thorne. Thoughout the show it has canned audience applauds that he keeps referencing that creates a very tongue in cheek and fun stylings of this musician. There is a cooking session which faintly reminds me of Marianas Trench Rock N Roll Kitchen  where they make pancakes and breakfast because this is filmed in America.

The parts without the singing are a little bit hit and miss with the audio but it is live television and it does come across as a bit random at times but this sort of thing will really play strongly with fans and you have to remember the target audience of Yungblud. Just like his live shows he is yet again loving to his fans and even though he has no audience in the same room as him, it still feels as pure and honest as it was when we saw him live in London.

Working in live televison myself, I enjoyed how erratic this show was at times as that is what it is like to work on a show that relies on working on time and deadlines. Not everyone can do well hosting live content and whilst loud, Yunglud is very good at keeping the pace and moving the show along.  It is nice to break up the music and have something a bit different for the fans. The way that he is able to bounce in and out of interviews and singing without losing his vocal talents is outstanding and defines that style of musician that he is.


The highlights of the show is the live music without a doubt. The energy that happens throughout the songs is electric and it feels like you are in the room at live concert, he even breaks a guitar through Braindead. The songs with Machine Gun Kelly is one of the best parts of the show as is Loner, Original Loser and Casual Sabotage.

At the beginning of this year we said that Yungblud is an artist that you need to keep an eye on and it is commitment like this to his fans that make him truly stand out. The production values in a show that was put together with very short notice is exceptional and the production team and everyone involved needs to be praised about this.

It is everything that you expect from a Yungblud show, unique, rebellious, exciting and fast paced. It is a great concept and I hope to see it return but I think the little talking bits in between just need to be a tad more fine tuned but if you take this show for what it actually is and why it came about, three cheers for Yungblud.

RATING: ****’ 4.5 STARS 

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