In Depth Album Review

The In Depth Album – REVIEW – Heart Mind Body & Soul, The New Regime

When looking for new band or a new album to listen to, you want something that is going to create an impact and stay with you for one reason or another. Today The New Regime released their brand new album Heart Mind Body & Soul.

new regime

So firstly, who is The New Regime?

The New Regime is the pseudonym that IIan Rubin works under when he creates solo music. If you haven’t heard of IIan before he is a musician, singer and songwriter who is also a drummer for Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves and has worked with acts such as Paramore in the past.

Let’s Talk about the album

This may not be the first time that you have heard about some of these songs on The Phoenix Remix as there have been a scatter of releases of the different sections of the album onto separate EPs throughout the last six or seven months. Today they have been released the full album so you can listen to it in it’s entirety.

Stand Out Tracks on The album 

A Way To Feel Again

This song has a sort of electronic feel to it with an airy style of bass which creates a nice mystical feel that welcomes you and entices you to listen to where this song will lead. When the chorus starts and the guitars drop in and the electronic sound has a sense of distortion which sort of both connotes and emphasizes the emotions that are being expressed in the lyrics. It is quite a funky song that has elements that are hard to get out of your head once you head it. The beat that plays throughout is repetitive and sort of becomes an earworm.


Sweet Kind of Suffering

The opening of this song relies on an electric sound that jumps between the head phones and intertwines an electronic string style song that really brings this song together. From listening to this song you can feel the elements of other bands he is a part of such as Angels and Airwaves as it sort of takes a song elevates it and takes it to a different level creatively to create this sort of trippy style mindscape. Very clever.


Struggle in my Bones

An EP called Body makes it quite ironic there is a song called this and it works really well with the theme. The thing that stands out about this song is the unique guitar Melody it is very different to their other songs and that is why it is super effective. It feels metaphorically like the struggle and that is a very clever musical technique to of created.


She Had Me Wrong

This song is completely different to the rest of the EP and the guitar is the star is this song. It has an acoustic style to it and creates a mesmerising sound. It is the last song on the EP and it has such an essence of sadness that if you put all the eps together it really brings them all together. The mix between flat and sharp notes also creates this Haunting sadness. A very clever track.

What’s The Verdict?

I have been following the Ep releases like a hawk, to see what the next song releases are as I was really impressed by Heart. I came across The New Regime via Angels and Airwaves social media, Tom Delonge is one of my music heroes so I follow his socials for his band a lot (especially with new music just around the corner) and one day they posted about Ilan’s band.

I am so glad they did, and that it allowed me to discover The New Regime because it really is a great album and they are  something that you need to start listening to if you haven’t already. I think they way that the album was released gradually as different EPs was a very clever way to introduce the world to new music. If you are listening to a band  or a musician you haven’t listened to before an album can be quite an intimidating item and the fact a handful of songs was released gradually means you can truly appreciate the music the artist is making.

In a world full of streaming services we are saturated with music and this new way of releasing an album I think is unique and very clever way to break down that barrier. There is a gap in the music market for something unique and this album really does that. I applaud IIan for creating something that special.

Rating: 9/10


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