Improv Corner – Improv Is Infectious

If there is one thing I have learnt through doing improv is that there is nothing more infectious as watching people do what they love. You can get an improv set that may be mediocre but if someone comes on stage and you can truly tell that they are enjoying what they are doing it can completely change your perception of the set and make you enjoy it.

Thats the great thing about improv – it is infectious and when it is done right or the audience can notice the fun on stage it can sort of create a style of hypnotic state. It can create this bubble where everyone in it it and enjoying the same thing and energy at the same time. Comedy that is done well is infectious and improv can have the same effect.

The more the audience become ‘infected’ with the story of improv, the more they enjoy calling out more advanced suggestions, enjoy the world being created in front of them and believe what is coming alive on stage.

Another way improv is infectious is that once you start training or performing on stage, it becomes like a drug and it becomes very addictive – the more you do it, the more you want to learn. I find it really interesting meeting improvisers who are new and just getting the taste as it reminds me how infectious I used to find it when I first started.

However you look at it – improv is infectious and the fun you see or experience only drives this addiction more.

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