Improv Diaries – We Are Going To Space and the Future!

This week was meant to be filled with rehearsals for something I am going to talk about a bit later on but instead I won a ticket through work to go to the National Television Awards so I ended up going to that. It was a lot of fun and it was really interesting to see an awards show in the flesh. It is great seeing shows like that live because it makes you really think about the production values when you hold your own shows. Ok, so any show that I host or produce will never be as big as a National awards show but it is always still quite satisfying to see how to keep organised and how to move a huge and jam packed show along.

This is where I can ow swiftly move onto improv! Back in January The Phoenix Remix held it’s first ever live show and it sold out and raised lots of money for the charity Arts4Dementia (thank you to everyone who donated to the cause) – Well I am excited to announce that we are returning to Hoopla Impro at The Miller on the 10th of March with a brand new show raising money for the charity Douglas Bader Foundation 

the phoenix remic live march

For our March Show we are heading to space! We have some fantastic acts already joining us that are doing improv, character comedy and stand up all based around space and the future! The aim for me now is to make it as good as the last show and to make sure that it is also unique in it’s own way! The night is yet again going to bring some of the websites favourite articles to life as well as showcasing some of the great comedy talent from around the UK.

If you want to grab a ticket to reserve a ticket you can by clicking here



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