INTERVIEW: Have The Last Laugh With Impro-geddon…

From Wednesday, The  Cambridge Impronauts are performing a very special show every night until the 1st of February at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge. The show is called Impro-geddon and is all about the world of the apocalyptic world style of movie. I caught up with Director Sophia Marshall to find out all about it.


Date: 29th January to the 1st February

Location: adc theatre. 

Price:  varies each night check the website

Time: 11pm

Ticket Link: click here for tickets

Hello tell us all about who you all are!

The impro-geddon troupe is : Alice Wenban, Hamish Thomas, Isobel Maxwell, Barney Jeff Slater, Adam Al-janabi, Persephone Emily and Sophia Marshall (Director).


How did you come up with the name of your troupe? Show? Was it difficult?

Yes it was very difficult to think of a title, but a genius in the group chat named it “impro-geddon”- The person who came up with Impro-geddon as a name was Jack McMinn.

How did the show come about?

Every university term the Cambridge Impronauts put on a long-form show. I won the pitch this time around ! I thought it would be fun to do a show where there was a lot of panic and pressure put on characters each night- and so the apocalypse theme was chosen for maximum drama. 

How did you get into improv?

I got into improv whilst studying drama at school and university. I joined Bristol University Improv as an undergraduate. There is a specialist improv theatre and a very big comedy scene in Bristol. Those from the ‘Murder She Didn’t Write’ crew (very big and excellent improv show at the fringe which was born with the Bristol Improv Theatre )–  often teach the students ! Closer Each Day is also from Bristol; one of the longest running improvised soap operas and some of the members of that cast have a lot to do with supporting new and upcoming improvisers. Improv is held to a highly professional standard there, and I enjoy how challenging it continues to be. No matter how long you have been involved in it there is always something new to learn. 

Tell us a little bit about the show that are happening this week? 

Impro-geddon is an improv long-form show put on by the Cambridge Impronauts. It is an improvised apocalypse movie! The audience can decide how the world ends, as well as where the play begins.  This is a performance that explores how far a character will go to survive. What becomes of their dreams, ambitions, and relationships when society collapses in such a surreal way? It’s a show full of tension and drama – but some very funny moments come out of it ! 

What three things are you looking forward to about this show?

I am looking forward to watching my truly excellent troupe deal with what is essentially a very challenging format.

I look forward to them ‘breaking the rules’ of that format in very interesting and funny ways as they have sometimes done in rehearsal, but most of all I’m looking forward to debuting this show in front of an audience ! 

It is the month of January! What are your new year improv resolutions for this year?

Get better at remembering characters names in every show! Give characters long, ridiculous and incredible names that no performer or audience member will ever forget. 

Ask “Why are you like this ?” and “What’s this really about ?” of every character on stage so they are allowed to develop. 

It is a new decade – what would you like to see happen to improv in the next 10 years?

I want to see more of it on mainstream TV !  I want to see a UK version of ‘whose line is it anyway’ and another ‘outnumbered’ sort of show. I want to see it reach Netflix with a large budget. 


How do you warm up before a show? 

Lots of high energy improv games- we play a hugely competitive tournament of rock-paper-scissors where if you lose the game, you become your opponent’s new cheerleader. Eventually you have only two people left playing the most intense game of rock-paper-scissors, complete with their own cheer squad yelling behind them. 

What have been some of the best suggestions that you have been given in a show and why?

The best suggestion I’ve seen Impro-geddon get so far was ‘Iceland (the shop) declare war’ because the show went from the sublime to the ridiculous in no time at all and was very very funny. Yet somehow, I was still worried for all of the characters, as if they were facing a real war. 

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?

@impronauts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and our website is

And Finally in three words – Why should people come and see the show?

Drama ! Panic !  Hilarity ! 

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