In The Games Corner – Spiderman, Sega Genesis

At the moment, I am really enjoying the Spiderman game on Playstation 4 and it got me thinking, maybe we should look at an older game about your friendly neighbourhood action hero just to really look at how far it has come in a gaming sense.

Spiderman was released on the Ninetendo Genesis in 1995, it was published by Acclaim Entertainment and developed by Western Technologies. The computer game was a single player action based game where the main objective was to stop four of Spidermans nemesis’ – Dr Octopus, The Green Goblin, Alistair Smythe and Alien Spider Slayer from causing havoc in New York City. It followed the same concept as a lot of the nineties games and was a side scroller where you would use your fighting skills to defend the enemies.

There were two versions of the game and the one on Genesis had five different areas you could visit to complete levels – Laboratory, Coney Island and the Funhouse, The Desconstruction Zone, The Mean Streets of the City and The Ravencroft Prison for the Insane. There was a later version of the game that was released on the SNES that had one more area.

This game was the older of the two and it is reflected in the reviews of the game, the Genesis game did not do well with the crictics, they found that it had poor sound, boring characters and unappealing graphics with poor colour.

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