A Taste of British – Christmas Edition – Mince Pie Sandwich

Welcome to this month’s feature – we always look at the weird and wonderful snacks and fast food of America. Well, for Christmas we are going to have a look at some of the bizarre things that have hit the United Kingdom over the years as Christmas themed foods. Today we head over to the supermarket of Morrisons.

british taste


1_Mince-PieSandwichToday we head to a supermarket chain to look at a sandwich that has been released for this years festive season, The Mince Pie Sandwich. The Mince Pie Sandwich is apparently based off the ideology of a cheese and pickle roll but with a very interesting difference.

The roll on sale for Christmas is a panettone style roll that is filled with a mince pie style spread that is filled with lots of fruit and brandy. The roll is finished off with Wensleydale cheese and mustard. If you want to purchase one of these rolls you can for the price of £3.

The roll has received mixed reviews by people that have tried the product. The roll is very sweet and some people were not sure it went together. Others said that it tasted like a scented candle. However, there are some reviewers that loved it and they felt it was tasty. Some people that enjoyed the sandwich felt the mayonnaise was too much.

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