The Travel Book At Christmas – Travel For The Food

This year for Christmas I didn’t want to just write about places that I have visited, instead I wanted to give advice and reasons why YOU should travel at Christmas. At this time of year, especially at work, everyone starts to ask you what you do for Christmas Day and when I tell them I travel I always get the same response – fascination and people telling me it sounds wonderful. Well, let me tell you, it is wonderful, I love going away at Christmas more then anytime of the year because everything is always a little bit special and people in different countries celebrate so differently. So this year, I am going to talk about different reasons why I adore going away in the festive season, today we look at something that is everyone’s favourite topic – Food 

Over the past ten years I think I have had the normal Christmas Dinner maybe twice on the big day – this is because I am usually abroad in countries where sort of the norm goes out of the window. Some years I have eaten in restaurants, other times that hasn’t been possible and it has lead to picnics in our hotel room – wherever we are there is always a fun story to tell here are a few.


Universal Studios

I really enjoyed having Christmas Day at Universal Studios in Florida, even though it was sunny and warm it was so Christmassy! That year we were staying in Tampa and decided to go to the Theme Parks for a couple of days to really dive into the Christmas atmosphere. It was fantastic and for Christmas Day we decided to relish in the magic of the place and went to Simpson land for food. There was a fast food store in the world that played off All You Can Eat place in the show – it was basically a burger joint for fish but their coconut shrimp was wonderful. I think we also had a Simpsons donut later on as well.

Switzerland was a fun place to celebrate Christmas Day, we went to the zoo and had a hot chocolate in the cafe and they had 2D christmas trees made up of fir branches on the tables and at the end was swiss chocolate which was lovely. For our actual christmas meal we had a picnic in our hotel room – nowhere was really open so we made do.

One of the loveliest Christmas Days meals was in Chicago – we had rented the same appartment in the summer and had become friends with our landlords as they lived next door. For breakfast we went to the local diner and it was so lovely being surrounded by lots of families all celerating with their families. In the late afternoon we went to the landlords to give them some presents we brought from England for them and they welcomed us in and asked us to join them for dinner.

We stayed for a while as we felt like we were disturbing a families christmas but we tried a traditional American Christmas Dinner and it was really interesting. The most interesting thing was trying Sweet Potato cooked with melted marshmallows and maple syrup. It was really interesting. Sadly I don’t have a photo.

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