ImproFestUK 2019 – INTERVIEW – Improv Comedy Mayhem From Box Of Frogs

As part of ImproFestUK 2019 Box of Frogs Birmingham’s premier Improv Group comes to London with an hour of high-octane improvised comedy fun, I caught up with them to find out what they have in store for audiences at their first time performing at the festival.

ImproFestUK 2019 – Improv Comedy Mayhem From Box Of Frogs

box of frogs


Hello tell us a bit about your troupe?

We are Box of Frogs, Birmingham’s longest running troupe. We have a residency at the Birmingham Glee club, and we play gigs at theatres all over the Midlands. We are unashamedly shortform, and pride ourselves in being energised, tight and very very funny!



You are performing at Impro Fest this month how are you feeling?

Stoked! We’re thrilled to have been asked.


What do you have in store for the audience?

An hour of made-up comedy mayhem. We play some old-favourite games, and a bunch of new ones that we have created, including ridiculous and impossible things like Pitch-That-Game where we make up brand new shortform games on the spot, and then play them! Also, a quite a few songs – we adore improvised songs



There are a lot of great acts performing what other ones are you hoping to see?

We are only there on the Sunday, as we have to make the trip down from Birmingham, so we will only be get to see Artificial Intelligence Improvisation and Derek’s Mojo – but we’re really looking forward to seeing those.



It’s near Christmas as well are you aiming in bringing a bit of festive cheer to your set?

It might just happen….



What’s the best thing about performing at a improv only festival? Is there any difference between performing at that to a normal comedy festival?

Oh, we all know that improvisers are infinitely superior to stand-ups in every conceivable way  (p.s. don’t let any non-improvisers see this!)



If people want to know more about you where can they follow you on social media?

@boxoffrogsimpro (FB/Twitter/Insta) also http://www.boxoffrogsimpro.co.uk



Finally Finish this sentence – you should see us at Impro Fest 2019 because…..

It’s a rare opportunity to catch our infectious style of high-octane improv fun South of Watford.

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